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Default Flat Top Electric Stove

"Stuart Pedazzo" > wrote in message
> My wife and I bought ourselves a new flat top stove with convection
> oven for Christmas. Our old pot and pans are over 15 years old and do
> not work the best with the flat top design. We also have a few cast
> iron fying pans that we love but are reluctant to use them on the new
> stove for fear of damaging the glass top.
> What is the best brand of cookware to use with flat tops?
> Sincerely,
> Stuart Pedazzo.....but you can call me Stu!

I doubt there's a single best brand. You just want decent pans that
don't have warped bottoms (cheap, lightweight materials are more likely
to warp). None of my old pots or pans were unusable with my flat top
range (and I have some fairly old pans). My manual cautions against cast
iron, but I use my Lodge skillet fairly often. I just have to get used
to not turning and sliding the pan (the concern w/ cast iron is
scratching the surface; the concern with warped pans is poor