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Default Flat Top Electric Stove

I love my flat top stove. It even has other uses. When not ehated,
it's extra counter space, and I sometimes even use the glass surface to
roll out dough for biscuits and cookies!
Anyway, the main thing is to have pots with a completely flat bottom.
I do occasionally use my cast iron, but very carefully, and do not drop
it roughly or slide across the surface. I also use mostly the All
Clad brand -- while I have pieces of different brands, I have decided I
like the All Clad best. But the stabndard advice is, don't buy sets.
You won't use them all. Just get the pieces you would use, and look
for sales. On line, Chef's Catalog and are good sources
for occasional sales on this brand, and others.
And, save the cast iron skillet for cooking cornbread inside the oven.

Oh yes. If you still want to ~almost~ replicate the effects of cast
iron on top of the stove (heavy sides as well as bottom) the Calphalon
line has four different lines, and one of them is dark "hard anodized"
steel. I have a small covered stewpot of that line, and an
accocmpanying small skillet - they share the same lid. I wouldn't have
bought them except the set was on half price sale, at $50. They're
OK, but I mostly use my All Clad in the same sizes.