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Please tell me what is sauv.blanc called in France?

Sancerre (blanc)
Pouilly Fumé

There is also a much cheaper Sauvignon Blanc which can be very good.
It has recently been promoted from VDQS to AoC as St. Bris.
St.Bris-le-Vineux, as its name suggests has ben making wine for many
hundred years. It is above Irancy and over the river (Yonne) from
Auxerre and over the hills from Chablis!
It is there that I saw the wonderful suggestion "Si le vin te gêne
dans ton travail, supprime le travail" and the happy comment that
”Le bon vin et l‘amour fait passer d‘heureux jours•

(Loosely translated, respectively, ”If wine get in the way of work,
give up work• and ”Good wine and love while away happy days•

Yes, indeed...

Now I was trying to keep it simple, but when you dig deeper you find
that sauvignon is 21% of the grapes planted for white wine in Bordeaux.
Now 21% of 15000ha is a lot of grapes... more than the sauvignon grown
in Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé AOCs together...

But it is quite often blended with Semillon rather than being bottled
on its own.

In fact, probably always blended.

Well I have occasionally had straight Sauvignon Blanc though it is not
something for which I would necessarily hunt a long way or pay a high

Timothy Hartley