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Ed Starren
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Default Sauvignon blanc


In France the grape is also called Sauvignon Blanc. I't's the grape of the
river Loire in the northwest of France. Famous Sauvignon Blanc wines are
Sancerre and Pouilly fumé. But also in the south of France grows the
Sauvignon Blanc grape. The degree of acidity is for the Sauvignon Blanc
grape in France much higher then in New Zealand.

A famous winemaker of Sauvignon Blanc is: Domaine Henry Pelle, look at:


Ed out of Holland

"Daisy" schreef in bericht
Please tell me what is sauv.blanc called in France? I drink this
nectar most of the time, and as I live in New Zealand I can buy it at
variously from $12-18 for a good medium range sauv.blanc. If I want
to go higher I can pay heaps more.

I just bought a case of Saints Marlborough Sauv.Blanc for nz$120. It
was on special at a supermarket. This is just SO cheap for such a
splendid wine.

Really special sauv.blancs exported to the US are Sacred Hill and
Cloudy Bay. You will pay for these in the US I know. But come to NZ
and I can provide you with wines like this just as good for half the



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