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Default Twinings UK vs. Twinings USA - is it just me?

On Sat, 21 Jan 2006 11:17:10 -0800, Pat wrote:

mlbriggs wrote:

Over 20 years ago, I thought Twinings Earl Grey had a wonderful flavor.
Now what I get seems bland and lemony. The true bergamot flavor just
isn't there. MLB

I know what you mean. I grew up drinking Lipton and discovered
Twinings when I was in college and thought it had to be the best tea in
the world. I loved the Ceylon Orange Pekoe but I don't really like it
at all anymore. And I agree that their British blends are better than
their American ones.

I don't think the products change so much as our taste does. When
Lipton was my reference point, the Twinings I got in the supermarket
was superb. But now that I've tried other teas, it doesn't excite me
so much anymore.

I used to occasionally treat myself to some British teas - like
Twinings, PG Tips, Typhoo - and save them for weekends or special
occasions - and drink teas like Red Rose or the US Twinings for "every
day". It didn't really bother me to switch back and forth and there
didn't seem to be a huge difference. But then I found some good online
deals for some of the British teas - and began buying it by the case.
I started drinking it every day because it would have hung around way
too long otherwise. And after a steady diet of nothing but British
teas for several months, I found it impossible to go back to my old
stand-bys. I now know how the Brits feel when they come here are
disappointed in our tea. I have found that Tetley British Blend will
do in a pinch when I can't get the "real thing", but most of the time I
just buy tea from ethnic markets and from online sources.

Would you share your on line sources? I'd love to find some really tasty
Earl Gray. The Red Rose tea I find at Albertsons is, in my opinion,
tastier than Twinings. I'll admit to aging tastebuds, but would still
like to try to find something I really enjoy. MLB