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Default Twinings UK vs. Twinings USA - is it just me?

"Pat" wrote in message

Blair P. Houghton wrote:

And the product lines are different. The American line has more
varieties. From what I saw, the British line is more limited, with
just an "Everyday tea", a "1706", and an "African" blend, plus a number
of greens and tisanes.

The British line is much more extensive than that. Aside from the new
(and very good) Every Day Tea, 1706 (also very good) and the African
blend you mentioned, the British line consists of:

English Breakfast
Traditional Afternoon
Lapsang Souchong
Earl Grey
Lady Grey
Organic English Breakfast
Organic Earl Grey
Decaffienated Earl Grey
Decaffienated Traditional English

plus the "Twinings &" line which is black tea with fruit flavors, as
well as a fairly extensive line of green teas and herbal tisanes.

To answer Melinda's question in a nutshell: the Twinings teas sold for
the UK market are in back boxes with a gold-embossed Twinings logo,
whereas their export teas are generally in the plain colored boxes we
typically see in US supermarkets.

Wow, then I really have not run into the import Twinings in any
stores...I'll keep my eyes out for it though. Thanks for the help.