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Default poaching chicken

Michael "Dog3" Lonergan wrote:
> biig > looking for trouble
>> I have a couple of boneless and skinless chicken breasts I'm going to
>>poach for salad or sandwiches. Would you season the liquid or wait and
>>season the finished chicken. I thought I'd use chicken broth for the

> Chicken broth is a good idea. Something I had not thought of. I don't
> poach chicken too often but if memory serves, I season the broth (onion,
> carrot, celery, garlic... whatever you like) and poach the chicken in it
> later. You can always reseason the breasts after poaching.

And the broth is enriched by the cooking. I buy big packages of
boneless, skinless thighs and poach them. Pop them in the fridge as
snacks, to use in other dishes and generally have available. Last about
a week that way. The broth becomes a wonderful soup base into which I
cheerfully fling all manner of goodies for different dishes - egg drops,
sliced chicken, veggie stuff, pastas and rices, cheeses and creams...