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Default Sopa de Gato estilo Oaxaca?

Hoy, en el Estado de Oaxaca (México) el Sopa de Gato, una sopa hecha a
base de espinazo de ternera o res o cabra, garbanzos y verduras es muy

I was initially annoyed by the thought of Sopa de Gato, but I figured
it out.

1 kilo of backbones of beef, veal or goat
250 grams of chick peas soaked from the previous night
250 grams of peeled and cut carrots in cubes
500 grams of chayotes cut in cubes
250 grams of green beans clean and cut in pieces
1 kilo of peeled tomato, without seed and cut in cubes
1 small sprig of coriander
6 pasilla chiles
salt to taste.

Cook backbones in sufficient water, and little by little and according
to the necessary time of cooking for each vegetable, add the carrot,
chayote, green beans and the Pope and chick peas. Finally the tomato is
added, the coriander and let boil about 10 minutes, salt to taste.
Deseed and devein the pasilla chiles, blister them in a frying pan,
then chop and puree them in a blender and add to the pot. Serve with
chopped cilantro, and chopped onion, as well as lemons divided in

What a cruel practical joke on cat lovers! "Sopa de Gato" turns out to
be Birria, a Mexican dish I already knew about...