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Default poaching chicken

Sheldon wrote:
> biig wrote:
> > I have a couple of boneless and skinless chicken breasts I'm going to
> > poach for salad or sandwiches. Would you season the liquid or wait and
> > season the finished chicken. I thought I'd use chicken broth for the
> > liquid....tia....Sharon

> Let's season your breasts and double wrap in plastic (I like to massage
> your breasts with pat of butter). Toss in plain cold water and bring
> to the boil, immediately lower heat to no bubbles... five minutes
> they're ready. Remove your plastic wrapped breasts, allow to become
> ice cold in fridge (boing... hmm, those things can poke an eye out),
> unwrap and slice... no flavor lost to poaching liquid. Need any
> further assistance with your breasts don't be shy.
> Sheldon

Well....extracting the good stuff and ignoring the
nonsense......LOL.. I'll try poaching them that way. By the way, I saw
plastic wrap being used in a moderate oven on "Cook Like a Chef" show on
foodnetwork Canada..