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Ian James
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Default Pu-reh advisor sort!!!!!

Hello, I 'm new to the world of Pu-reh teas, and I'm seeking somebody with a
resonable amount of knowledge to guide my initial steps via e-mail

I'm literally tea total, but have till very recently stuck to basically
Assam, Darjeeling, English Breakfast and the occasional Gunpowder or Orange
Pekoe. ( my current supplier is a certain Chelsea based shop).

I recently tried a few different teas, and found the Pu-reh just
palatable,(young and brand not recalled) but was attracted by its aging
properties I already age cigars, and pipe tobacco's and get great enjoyment
from the gradual development. I should like to add this tea to my ever
growing stores.

Is there anybody willing to take on a "pupil" on a one to one net basis.

I'm a grumpy old man of 49 , proudly English and a wicked sense of humour.