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One time on Usenet, (Kathy in NZ) said:


> Also, for the
> most part we don't tend to take doggy bags home, so that's not an
> issue either. That's not to say we "never" take doggy bags home, but
> it's fairly unusual to do so.

The portion size in the the U.S. is huge and getting bigger. I haven't
eaten an entire meal in a restaurant in years -- fortunately, I like
the leftovers for lunch.

As for the whole restaurant etiquette thing, this is the kind of
stuff us gals should learn when we're dating -- don't order the
expensive item (like lobster) or you'll be expected to pay for it
in other ways... ;-)

Jani in WA (S'mee)
~ mom, Trollop, novice cook ~