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Glitter Ninja wrote:

> I think it's the idea that some people will take advantage of a host
> and order the one $50 item on a menu which is mostly populated with $10
> items.

I guess that wouldn't bother me. But I don't think I have ever hosted
anyone who would do so simply because they *could*.

These are usually the people who won't host a dinner themselves.
> As a host, I would prepare for people to order everything expensive, but
> at the same time if I thought someone was taking advantage I might get
> upset.
> Then again, if I knew they were the type that would take advantage,
> I'd never invite them to dinner on my dime again.
> When I was an insurance broker, I got snagged into a dinner with a
> client as host. I ordered a chicken salad and tea, which is what I like
> to eat plus it's not too expensive. The whole night the client snarked
> about how fat women (like me) "pretend" to eat healthy in public. You
> just can't please some people, and I suspect Mr Client would have been
> happier had I ordered an entire cow that evening.

What a jerk. And since he's a client, you can't really say anything to
him in retort...