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Default REQ - taco seasoning mix

In article >,
Ranee Mueller > wrote:

> > While I tend to agree with this concept, I've met some dumbass doctors.

> Of course, I had to get rid of one recently and switch to someone who
> actually paid attention to the answers to questions given, for instance.
> I was just thinking of a raving, screaming freak on usenet who gets his
> facts wrong versus a doctor someone has a working relationship with in
> real life.
> Regards,
> Ranee

No doubt about that... ;-)

I had to dump one when I found out that _I_ knew more about what my lab
test results meant than he did!

Now I see a good Endocrinologist.

The one I dumped told me that a low T3 did not mean anything.
T4 and TSH were all that mattered.

It's like, look doc, if you don't know what the hell it meant, don't
feed me a line of crap.

Go look it up!

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