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Default REQ - taco seasoning mix

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> Ranee Mueller wrote:
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> > 1. Remove Pickle from hind end
> > 2. Go take a laxative before you post again.
> > [snip]

> Glad you posted that. I was going to, earlier, but got to laughing
> about it. I have a good Mexican friend whose reaction when you say
> something stupid is a long stare, full of pity. I kept visualizing his
> reaction to the idea that they wouldn't cook onions or use canned
> tomatoes in his kitchen. -aem

I know it may be hard to believe, but I have actually witnessed real
live Mexicans cooking onions and using canned tomatoes. Will wonders
never cease?

Ranee (who saw this crazed post shortly after his yelling at puester
about her doctor - I guess she is supposed to trust some dumb-ass on
usenet over her own doctor)

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