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Default REQ - taco seasoning mix

Joe Cilinceon wrote:
> OmManiPadmeOmelet wrote:
> >
> > I cheated last time... ;-)
> >
> > I chopped and sauteed' two whole onions, added some ground venison
> > sausage and chopped pork, one whole small jar of "Pace" brand chipotle
> > picante sauce, some garlic powder and a couple tablespoons of chile
> > powder.
> >
> > No, I don't really measure spices. I use the "that looks about right"
> > approach. <G>
> >
> > I also added 1 large bulb of fresh grated ginger, and just a smidgin
> > of powdered cinnamon.
> >
> > I nearly always add cinnamon to mexican or Italian. Used sparingly, it
> > "brightens" the flavor and adds a subtle touch.
> >
> > And yes, the tacos were delicious! I ate them over two days and my
> > house mate loved them too.
> >
> > Served with fresh sliced leaf lettuce, chopped roma tomatoes, shredded
> > cheddar jack cheese and a can of sliced black olives.
> >
> > I've also gone to using the pre-formed crispy taco shells instead of
> > frying my own. I really really do like those better!

> I always cheat since I really don't like taco shells. I make what I call
> Mexican hamburger helper.
> I brown 1 lb of ground beef with a diced onion, garlic (to taste), 2 chopped
> jalapeņos, cayenne pepper (to taste), pinch of salt and fresh ground black
> pepper in olive oil. Once the meat is browned I add a 1/2 cup of low sodium
> beef broth, 1 sm. can of rotel tomatoes, 2 table spoons of salsa (your
> favorite), crushed red pepper if you like it a little hotter. I let this
> cook down till the broth is about gone then mix with elbow noodles and add
> cheese when serving. I is better the next day as left overs as well. My wife
> and kids love this about once a week.

Two things wrong with that:
1. Onion should not be cooked. Cooking onions is not Mexican.
2. Do not use canned tomatoes and/or chiles.

You are correct in comparing that to HH. I'd be about as likely to eat

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> Joe Cilinceon