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Default REQ - taco seasoning mix

"Dieter Zakas" > wrote in message
> Hi, Group! Haven't seen you guys in what seems like forever. How are all
> of
> you?
> Me, I'm pleased to announce that in July, I will become an uncle; my
> sister,
> who is two years my junior, is pregnant with their first child.
> Anyway, tonight I had a taco dinner, and used Old El Paso's Taco Seasoning
> Mix on the beef. I thought that, were I to make such a dinner for my
> girlfriend Kelly and me, I caouldn't use that product because it contains
> MSG, and substances in that chemical family give her a migraine.
> Thus, I reason I could buy MOST of the ingredients listed on the packet
> and
> make my own. Does anyone have any suggestions to develop the proportions
> for
> such ingredients, or any favorite such recipes they'd like to share?
> Happ New Year! TIA
> Dieter Zakas
> --

Actually, I use Penzey's Taco seasoning, because it's just easier and it's
very tasty...and it doesn't contain MSG. I don't, however, mix with water as
they suggest. I just sprinkle it over the meat, along with some minced dried
onion, sauté a minute, then add a tiny amount of water or broth- just enough
to make sure all the meat is seasoned evenly. I don't like really wet taco