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Default Yuch.

A friend and I sampled the wine in question and found it to be pretty yuchy.
Not really vinegar but no longer red wine either.

Back to the more recent vintages. Thanks for the advice.


"Joe "Beppe"Rosenberg" wrote in message
Very nice winery I believe in Gaiole or Radda. Stacole was their
distributed by Atlantic Wine & Spirits in Maryland and DC. Even though
Atlantic had at least 5 Chianti's exported by DeGrazia, as wine manager
added the wine to portfolio because it was available year round and it
well balanced, and priced nice(Atlantic had the lowest mark up of all the
wholesalers I dealt with in my wine career. The owner didn't like
so were aggressive in getting orders. My goal was to match the money to
collected upon delivery to money Atlantic would gave to pay for the wines
and shipping, so when the wine hit the warehouse what was left was
This worked as planned at least 40% of the time and was below the owners
inventory threshold and being bulled headed about this I was told to
on. We had a limited number of San Polo's Cetenaia their super Tuscan
mainly sold to retailers who supported our program.

I'm sorry even in 82 the wines were not tannic fruit bombs, but ready to
drink. Its possible because of good storage, the wine with some pecorino
by itself would have a great nose and light fruit, a beauty that becomes

The winery was owned and managed by Germans. About 5 years ago, the
decide to close the winery. The general manager, Herr Volkmer was going
keep producing and selling the wine but with another name and label.
Last I
heard there were problems with the estate's grapes and the GM now owner
other projects. I think every wholesaler I dealt with after Atlantic had
access to San Polo. Stacole placed the wine in New York- New Jersey,
Georgia, Florida and New England, so decent supplies wee warehoused in
US. As far as I know the wines did well in restaurants in these states
because it was food-friendly.

Please forgive this geezer rambling on..................
"DaleW" wrote in message
Don't know San Polo. But even for best producers, 23 years is pushing
it for most CCRs. It certainly won't hurt you, and it might surprise
you. Please report when you try it!