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Eric Jorgensen
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Default Microwave Minicake Maker?

On Fri, 06 Jan 2006 10:39:02 -0500
Dan Wenz wrote:

My wife found, in the dark recesses of a storage area in the kitchen, a
plastic minicake maker by Nupac. No instructions could be found. It's a
plastic, round, 9" diameter platform with 6 cupcake-sized holes each
2.5" in diameter on bottom. Each hole has 4 small holes on bottom, .25"
diameter. Has anyone instructions for the above for microwave baking?

My sister gave me one of those when i got my first apartment. I can't
recall ever using it . . . .

But I've seen it used. They do work. Like all microwave cookery that
doesn't include convection, the end product lacks browning and crispness,
but it does get 'baked'. Well, more like 'steamed' but it's cooked anyhow. has a bunch of recipes. You should be able to extrapolate from
those how to modify your own recipes.