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Default Google Groups complaint (was Earl Grey)

My service provider MSN.COM doesn't have a newgroup server. It's just
a matter of time before yours disappears. I like Google Groups better
than any newsgroup reader I've tried. The most recent threads sort to
the top of the webpage. You don't have to worry about the ones you've
read because IE will highlight any new ones. Google keeps them
threaded so changing Subject has no effect. All the recent replys on
one single webpage more or less. I use sequential view so last post
by simple END key with IE. If push comes to shove switch to the
threaded view to find out who is talking to who when they don't quote
the post. I've done that when I see partial quoted posts. The most
important Google supports international languages once you learn the
trick. If you're a regular poster you can refresh your memory using
Search. All my posts archived by DejaNews are still available. You
can delete old posts which may come back to haunt you. If it isn't
archived by Google you didn't say it. I probably wouldn't go back to a
newsgroup reader. Usenet has it problems with abusers and the clueless
but that has nothing to do with Google. My main problem with Google I
don't like anykind of filtering because of the country I live in or to
protect me from adult material. I'm waiting for some report of Google
and HSA pruning the archives of information usefull to terrorists and
political activists involved in peaceful lawfull assembly and protest.


Scott Dorsey wrote:
In article .com,
Space Cowboy wrote:
I'd say 95% of my Google posts are no delay. The remaining several
minutes,hours but no longer than two sweeps of the hour hand. No lost
posts. I've noticed around any holiday there maybe an extended lag. I
think it is maintenance. I've learned to trust Google and since it is
'free' who is complaining?

I am complaining. Google provides a horribly crude interface to Usenet
and so newbies come in thinking that's the same thing everyone else sees.
Also they purchased the old dejanews archives and have progressively been
making access to them more and more ugly and clumsy. Now even folks like
Blair are winding up stock on it.

Blair, here's a nickel, kid. Get yourself...
"C'est un Nagra. C'est suisse, et tres, tres precis."