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Scott Dorsey
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Default Google Groups complaint (was Earl Grey)

In article .com,
Space Cowboy wrote:
I'd say 95% of my Google posts are no delay. The remaining several
minutes,hours but no longer than two sweeps of the hour hand. No lost
posts. I've noticed around any holiday there maybe an extended lag. I
think it is maintenance. I've learned to trust Google and since it is
'free' who is complaining?

I am complaining. Google provides a horribly crude interface to Usenet
and so newbies come in thinking that's the same thing everyone else sees.
Also they purchased the old dejanews archives and have progressively been
making access to them more and more ugly and clumsy. Now even folks like
Blair are winding up stock on it.

Blair, here's a nickel, kid. Get yourself...
"C'est un Nagra. C'est suisse, et tres, tres precis."