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I made it for years then, haven't made it for years. The way I was taught

Any good espresso brand of coffee, espresso grind
Sugar to taste
Small pot

Don't remember how much coffee to put in any more (maybe a tablespoon per
cup???) but the process was.

Put water, coffee and sugar in pot. Bring to a boil, when it foams up,
remove. Back on the fire again. Do this three times then pour into
demitasse cups. The coffee grinds will settle to the bottom of the cup.
Careful when drinking if you haven't had it before as you can get a mouthful
of grounds if you drink too far down. The idea of pouring it immediately
was so that each cup had some "crema" foam on top of it.

In the Serbian restaurant I used to frequent, they flavored theirs with
Cardamom. I imagine you could give a shake or two of ground Cardamom into
the pot before brewing or add the seeds from 1-2 Cardamom pods.

Turkish coffee should use a grind finer than espresso grind; it should
almost be like talcum powder. Read here for more info:

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