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Default Turkish coffee

Bob wrote:

Edrena wrote:
I was lucky enuf to get served Turkish style coffee many years ago. What I
want to know is are you supposed to drink/chew/savor the dregs? I love
coffee so I slurped down the grounds too. I was up for days.

You're supposed to stop where the sludge starts, but nobody will shoot you
for consuming the grounds. I *bet* you were up for days! I used to consume
chocolate-covered espresso beans, and their effect was POTENT.
Turkish coffee is similar to loose-brewed tea in that there's supposed to be
a soothsaying skill which involves dumping the grounds into a saucer and
"reading" them. If you slurp down the grounds, I guess THAT superstition
will remain unpracticed!

There I was, tempted by the Dark Side. I loved those chocolate covered coffee
beans too, but don't do much sugar anymore. They're kind of hard to find IMO.