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On Mon, 02 Jan 2006 00:59:35 GMT, "Julie Bove"

"Rich" wrote in message
It is the second year if my condition, and I had two drinks last night.

boy did it kick my numbers up this morring. 244 I took a second pill

morring I hope to be down by Supper.

Rum should make your BG go down, if anything. Did you mix it with something
sweet? Eat something you don't normally eat? And what of this pill? It's
not smart to take more of your meds than prescribed. This can cause a hypo.

Did you have buns with the hot dogs? Anything made with wheat flour,
especially white flour, will drive the BG up... Also, pretzels are
usually bad, for the same reason.

I usually have 1-2 martinis, or a couple of 5 oz. glasses of very dry
wine, daily, and the BG goes down, if anything, as a result.

Will, T2