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Default Mole Negro de Oaxaca

Mole Negro de Oaxaca

submitted by martiv

Serves 20 people, keeps well in refrigerator.

1 large turkey or 3 chickens, cut in pieces
2 large white onions
3 garlic cloves

For the mole:
1/2 lb black chilhuacle peppers
1/2 lb red chilhuacle peppers
1/2 lb mulato peppers
1/2 lb pasilla peppers
2 burned tortillas
the seeds of the peppers
2 lbs lard
2 large white onions, sliced
1 large garlic bulb
2 plantains
2/3 lb egg bread (any good bread made with eggs will work, nothing too sweet)
3.5 oz toasted sesame seeds
3.5 oz toasted peanuts
3.5 oz pecans
1/3 lb almonds
3.5 oz pumpkin seeds
3.5 oz raisins
4 1/2 lbs tomatoes
2 lbs tomatillos
1 tsp nutmeg
1 stick of mexican cinnamon
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp marjoran
1 tsp anise
1 pinch cumin seeds
5 cloves
5 allspice
3.5 oz sugar
6 avocado leaves, roasted
1/2 lb mexican chocolate
salt to taste

Boil the turkey or chickens with the onion, garlic and salt. Roast the peppers, seed
them. Toast the seeds until they start to burn, soak them in water (to prevent them
from getting bitter) and drain. Soak the peppers in very hot water, drain and soak
30 minutes in cold water. Heat half the lard in a pan, sautee garlic and onion, add
the plantains in slices, the bread, sesame seeds, peanuts, pecans and raisins. Boil
the tomatoes and tomatillos with some salt, drain, blend and strain. Blend (I
recommend using a food processor) the peppers with the seeds and the burned
tortillas, strain and mix with the stuff frying (which was also blended) and the
rest of the ingredients. In a large pot, heat the rest of the lard, fry the peppers
mix and add the tomatoes mixture and 1 quart of the stock in which you cooked the
birds. Let simmer for 20 minutes. Add the chocolate, sugar, the rest of the stock
and the avocado leaves. Let simmer for at least one hour, stirring often to prevent
it from sticking. Add the pieces of turkey and let simmer for 15 more minutes.
Before serving, take out the avocado leaves. Serve with refried beans, red rice
(mexican rice, see previous mole recipe) and corn tortillas.
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