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Default Trying to Salvage Frozen Food

Wayne Boatwright wrote:
> On Thu 29 Dec 2005 02:49:16p, jmcquown wrote in
>>Wayne Boatwright wrote:

>>>If not completely thawed, you could buy some dry ice to put in the
>>>cooler instead of regular ice. That would preserve it until you get
>>>the new unit in place.

>>Hmmm. Wonder where I'd have to go for that? I'll check for the next

> I don't know about Memphis, but all of our supermarkets here in the
> Phoenix area carry it.

It's usually available wherever they refill fire extinguishers. Check
the Yellow Pages for "Dry Ice" and for "Fire Extinguishers". The next
place to check is welding suppliers, and then creameries.

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