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Default UPDATE and REQ: Trying to Salvage Frozen Food

jmcquown wrote:
> Some time during the night my almost 20 year old refrigerator decided
> to die. It stopped cooling 2-3 years ago but if I hit it in the
> right spot the compressor would kick in again. Then after that it
> just started working all by itself again. No such luck this time.
> Jill

This is a hell of a way to clean out the fridge The maintenance man
brought the replacement fridge. It's larger (15.6 cu. ft) than the one they
took out of here when I moved in, thank goodness! But of course I hate it!
The shelves are too close together and aren't adjustable; my "egg basket"
doesn't fit on the shelf on the door (of course there *isn't* a built-in
place on the door for eggs). Worst of all, the doors open in the opposite
direction from what I've been used to for nearly 20 years! LOL That is
going to take some getting used to.

Anyway, I have to cook the tilapia and the bay scallops tonight. I wasn't
exactly prepared to do that so I'm not sure what treatment I'll give them
yet. I usually dredge tilapia in Zatarain's fish fry coating and pan fry
them. Not a problem.

Other than sauteeing the bay scallops in butter (which is perfectly
delicious and fine with me) does anyone have any simple suggestions that
don't require a lot of stuff (since I lost a lot of stuff LOL)?

Before you start, I don't have any wine with which to deglaze and make a
lovely sauce. I don't have any half & half. The little bit of milk I had
was warm when I discovered the problem with the fridge so I dumped it. I
*do* have canned evaporated milk but... I suppose I could go to the store,
but after the events of today I'm a little worn out. As ChrisD could tell
you, I had every intention of going to buy wine & champagne for New Year's
Eve today but I don't even feel like doing *that* LOL