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Default Trying to Salvage Frozen Food

On Thu 29 Dec 2005 11:58:29a, jmcquown wrote in

> Some time during the night my almost 20 year old refrigerator decided to
> die. It stopped cooling 2-3 years ago but if I hit it in the right spot
> the compressor would kick in again. Then after that it just started
> working all by itself again. No such luck this time.
> I brought my own refrigerator to this apartment but they are going to
> have maintenance bring me a replacement. Sadly, the replacement
> refrigerator is tiny (14 cu. ft); not that mine was huge but you'd be
> surprised what a difference 4 cu. ft. makes.
> Meanwhile, all my frozen stuff is almost completely thawed out. I have
> it in a cooler with ice and will try to salvage as much of it as I can.
> What a pain in the a** this is! At least it answers the question about
> what to do with my leftover dressing... throw it away LOL
> OB Food: not sure I'll have any

How awful, Jill! Bet you wish you had bought that freezer a couple of
years ago. :-(

Is all of your frozen stuff thawed or can it be put into the freezer? If
not completely thawed, you could buy some dry ice to put in the cooler
instead of regular ice. That would preserve it until you get the new unit
in place.

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