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Default Bring White Castle to Denver! Sign the petition!

But I guess the frozen White Castle sliders are better than nothing!
Damn! I wish White Castle would start expanding West! I emailed White
Castle about opening up one in the Denver area and received this
response (that's why I started the petition, so, perhaps somebody at
corporate will see that there is a need):

Thank you for your recent suggestion directed to our corporate office
that we locate a White Castle restaurant in your area. We appreciate
hearing from customers who enjoy our products. We have noted your
and have forwarded it to our real estate department for consideration.

In immediate response to your inquiry, however, White Castle prides
itself on growing slowly. White Castle and all its subsidiaries are
owned and operated. The company does not franchise or offer stock
options, and finances its expansion solely through retained earnings.
For these reasons, White Castle tends to operate within the existing
Midwest and Northeast regions where all our support facilities (meat
bakeries, etc.) are located. We believe in this business practice so
we can provide a stable company for the more than 12,000+ employees it

Due to these factors, as well as advertising efficiencies, we add only
approximately fifteen to twenty new restaurants every year to our
existing market areas. Based on our current expansion plans, it will
be a few
years before we open another new market area. A list of our current
locations can be sent to you via conventional mail upon request.

Thank you again for your interest in White Castle and its products.

Elizabeth Ingram
Director of Restaurant Operations