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Default Bring White Castle to Denver! Sign the petition!

Thank you Uncle Sam, I couldn't have said it (or pasted it) better
myself! According to the white castle website, all their restaurants
are company owned or I would consider opening one myself! At least at
the White Castle in Chicago at 5940 North Ridge Ave, there are lines of
cars waiting to get food at 1 am! I don't recall seeing that at other
fast food chains. Perhaps I think it is some of the better fast food
since I grew up with it. There is nothing better than a sack of sliders
and a side of onion rings.

If the food was that bad how come they have been around since the
1920's? Also, you always hear stories of people driving hundreds of
miles to eat there and there is even a movie that shows what people
will do to eat at White Castle (no, it is not a documentary but
lampoons the "craze").

If you still don't understand the White Castle "craze" watch Harold &
Kumar Go to White Castle:

It's a funny movie regardless of your thoughts on White Castle!