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Default Bouillabaisse Impromptu

This dish came together in a short flash of inspiration when I had 2 fish
fillets and a few shrimp to use up. A few leftover vegetable and other
simple ingredients made a wonderful dish.

-= Exported from BigOven =-

Bouillabaisse Impromptu (Seafood Soup)

Seafood soup in the grand Musgovian style.

Recipe By: Pete Romfh
Serving Size: 8
Cuisine: Musgovian
Main Ingredient: Fish
Categories: Low Sugar, Diabetic, Low Carb, Simple - Easy, Soup, Main Dish

-= Ingredients =-
16 ounces Vegetable juice cocktail ; (V8 or house brand)
16 ounces Fish stock
1 cup Broccoli ; - chopped fine
1 cup Cabbage ; - shredded fine
1/2 cup Celery ; - chopped fine
1/2 cup Onion ; - chopped fine
1/2 medium Potato ; - peeled & diced
1/4 cup Lemon Juice
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce ; - to taste
1/4 teaspoon Tabasco sauce
16 ounces Fish, fillets ; - any firm white fish
12 large Shrimp ; - shelled
~~ -- Salt to taste -- ~~

-= Instructions =-
In a large pot combine juice, fish stock, green vegetables, and seasonings.
Bring to a boil and simmer about 10 minutes until all vegetables are
starting to soften. Add the onion and potato and cook about 15 minutes
more. Mash up some of the potato to slightly thicken the broth

While the soup is simmering cut the fish fillets in about 1/2 inch cubes.
Add the shrimp and let them cook about 2 minutes then add the fish and
simmer an additional 3 minutes.

Serve with garlic bread or rolled up tortillas.

"Musgovian" is when you look in the refrigerator and say, "This mus' go, and
that mus' go".
This the recipe is only a guide. Feel free to substitute ingredients as your
needs demand.

Each (1 cup) serving contains:
Cals: 124, FatCals: 34, TotalFat: 4g
Chol: 51mg, Na: 646mg, K: 531mg
TotCarb: 8g, Fiber: 1g, Sugars 3g
NetCarbs: 7g, Protein 15g

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Pete Romfh, Telecom Geek & Amateur Gourmet.
promfh (at) hal-pc (dot) org