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Default Turkish coffee

EskWIRED proffered:

You need fresh coffee and an exceptionally good grinder, capable of
grinding to a dust-like consistency. You also need an Ibrik, which is a
coffee maker which is flat and wide on the bottom and smaller on the


You mix the powderedd coffee with water, and then heat the Ibrik until
the coffee foams up, but does not boil. Repeat it three times. Then let
the sledge settle a bit.

Often spices are mixed in, most commonly, cardommon.

Bob noted............
This is the way I make it, and I find it to be identical to the "Turkish"
coffee I was served at restaurants in Kuwait. Strictly speaking, you can
make the coffee in a small saucepan; it's just not as easy to pour out.

For the OP, I'm aware of two San Diego restaurants which serve Turkish

Pomegranate, at the corner of El Cajon and Louisiana (see

Cafe Caspian, 4646 Park Blvd, (see

Both restaurants are excellent, even if you DON'T go there for the coffee.


Thanks, Bob. I go by both of those places almost every day, but hadn't
tried them. I think I'm going to this weekend!