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Default Bring White Castle to Denver! Sign the petition!

On Fri, 16 Dec 2005 13:50:21 -0500, Shawn Hirn

In article .com,
"Phin" wrote:

Bring White Castle to Denver!
Sign the petition!

Bring White Castle to Denver!

White Castle is the best fast food around!
Those steamy tiny bugers with the onions! Hmmm... White Castle
sliders... Hmmm...

This is silly. Why bother with a petition?

Well, it's called gauging the demand...

If you really want to have a
White Castle open in your area, feel free to open one yourself. This is
what capitalism is all about!

We used to have the equivalent thereof on Alameda east of Federal, it
was called Sliders and Nails.

I well remember Allen Berg's commercials for em.

Of course, if you do open up your own White Castle franchise, I suggest
you have another job lined up after your restaurant goes belly up. I
can't believe how bad White Castle food is. It tastes like old grease
and salt. Its no wonder all the White Castle's in my area went out of
business; they are by far the worst of the fast food restaurants.

You have no taste at all, there ain't nothing like a bag of sliders
and nails.