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On Fri, 16 Dec 2005 09:18:16 +0000, The Reid
> posted....
>I don't mind a bit of sweetness, I often add fruit to game main
>courses, various berries work well with venison BTW. If calories
>didnt exist I would probably be eating desserts (in fact I'd
>probably be eating all the time!), but as they do puddings were
>the first to go (no, snack bars were the first to go) . Sort of
>cost/benefit analysis. I've enjoyed steamed pudding with golden
>syrup and a bottle of Sauterne in the days I was running 40 miles
>a week, but not now! :-(

This puts a different slant on your disavowal of puds.

I like fruit with meat, but as a flavouring, sometimes part of a
stuffing, not as a major component. I quite like a nice, sweet korma.
Fried onions are quite sweet, but so delicious. As mentioned
elsewhere, parsnips and sweet potatoes seem to be so overwhelmingly
sweet to me that they are unpalatable. And, of course, I am
experimenting with making some puds less sweet.

You know, the more I think about this, the less logic there seems to

>Come to think of it sweet veg are amongst my favourites (inc
>carrots and s pots), so perhaps they satisfy a need for sugar?
>Although I once took advice to add honey to cooking parsnips,
>that was OTT.


But ham coated with brown sugar and roasted is superb stuff. Possibly
because the sweetness is set against the ham itself.



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