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On Fri, 16 Dec 2005 09:18:16 +0000, The Reid
> posted....

>Following up to sarah
>>I agree about the problem of sweetness in veg, although I find parsnips
>>bearable: I think the parsnip flavour is sufficiently strong to mute the
>>sweetness. Cooked carrots are definitely too sweet, especially if
>>additional sugar is added.

>Why would anybody add sugar to carrots?
>I have to ask the reverse question of you two. If you both like
>desserts, how come you don't like sweet veg?

Ah, well, it's not just the sweetness, I suppose. I like sweet corn,
f'rinstance, but that's tasty as well as sweet, to me. Anyway, they
can also be a carrier for butter, drool. But parsnips and sweet
potatoes are just so overloaded with sugar I find them unbearable. I
suppose, also, that I just don't like the underlying parsnip flavour,
and sweet potatoes don't seem to have any underlying flavour at all.



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