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some Turkish coffee. It was served in
small demitasse cups, was rich, sweet, and wonderfully tasty. Does anyone
here make such a nectar and would you be willing to part with your
method/recipe? I've been experimenting, but something is missing and I

put my finger on it.

I was taught to make Turkish coffee several years ago by a Turkish-Ozzie in
England (go figure). His method involved boiling ground Turkish coffee (try
your local Halal shop), water, sugar, and cardomom in a saucepan to a rather
thickish syrup. This was then allowed to sit a few minutes to let the coffee
grounds settle and then poured into small cups.


If you look up this thread in google ( you'll find
me posting on it a couple of years back, with lengthy (1,001 Nights
lengthy) instructions and digressions on the topic.

Los Angeles has many, many Middle Eastern markets where you could buy
"Turkish" or Arabic coffee. You will probably find the pre-packaged,
vacuum packed blocks with ease. There may very well be roasteries that
will grind it up for you as well. The cardamom is added whole into the

San Diego has at least one terrific Middle Eastern market, in Poway (I
can't remember where Pacific Beach is, exactly)

Good luck.