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Bob Terwilliger
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sarah wrote:

> Just think of that, she swallowed a cat!
> chorus, please...


> I *think* that the stories of cheap restaurants serving cat in lieu of
> rabbit are probably urban myths, but I can't be sure. Years ago, when I
> lived in Canada, a zoologist friend of a friend was said to have found a
> cat forelimb bone in a rabbit stew (the limb bones are diagnostic -- no
> possibility of error). Of course that was Canada ;-)

Several years ago, an uproar ensued because (purveyors of
filth that they are) displayed a video of a kitten being killed, gutted,
skinned, and cooked. Might still have it...OK, here it is, but you've been
warned about the video, so if you watch it and it offends you, don't
complain to ME about it.