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The Reid > wrote:

> Following up to sarah
> >I agree about the problem of sweetness in veg, although I find parsnips
> >bearable: I think the parsnip flavour is sufficiently strong to mute the
> >sweetness. Cooked carrots are definitely too sweet, especially if
> >additional sugar is added.

> Why would anybody add sugar to carrots?
> I have to ask the reverse question of you two. If you both like
> desserts, how come you don't like sweet veg?

I like some sweet veg, but it's got to be something with flavour to
over-ride the sweetness. Cooked carrots are vaguely carroty, vaguely
sweet. Adding sugar makes it worse. Yuck. Put them in a carrot cake if
you want to eat sweet carrots. Parsnips taste more of parsnip than
sweet, so that's alright. Sweet potatoes are close to too bland, but I
like the flavour so that's alright -- and I don't add extra sugar.
Sweet-and-sour red cabbage is lovely; definitely sweet, but with vinegar
and spices. Same for venison in a vaguely sweet sauce. Sweetcorn is
sweet, but I like it with lots of salty butter for contrast.


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