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The Reid wrote:
> Most of the things I do with venison seem to involve chocolate
> and a little chilli. Parsnips are often included and sometimes
> black beans. I have a regular supply of venison sausages which
> seem to go well with broad beans and some root vegetables.

Now I do like the sound of parsnips & black beans. Two of my favourites and
I hadn't thought of them, although I often put a can of beans into stews...
black-eyed for preference as they keep their shape and can still be picked
up for under 50p in some ethnic shops.... sometimes cannelini or rose-coco,
never red kidney beans:- there are just many better beans out there than the
ubiquitous red kidney.

I wish canned black beans were more common here; I've only ever seen them on
sale once at a Portuguese deli in Brixton. I don't mind cooking them from
scratch myself, although even the dried ones can be hard to spot sometimes,
but canned are handy and often just as good. I love the richness of colour
that black beans add to a dish.

Not sure about the chocolate and chilli though. I have had Hare in chocolate
sauce and wasn't convinced, and I prefer things like ginger for heat, having
had my tastebuds burned out by chilli once too often. For me, chilli heat
now tends to mask more subtle flavours.

Lentils - green, brown or Puy - canned or fresh, are my fave with hearty
sausages but I will give broad beans a go sometime. Thanks.
Sue in Portsmouth,
"Old" Hampshire,
"Old" England, UK