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Peter Ward > wrote:

> On Thu, 15 Dec 2005 08:35:44 +0000, The Reid
> > posted....

> >Most of the things I do with venison seem to involve chocolate
> >and a little chilli. Parsnips are often included and sometimes
> >black beans. I have a regular supply of venison sausages which
> >seem to go well with broad beans and some root vegetables.

> Do tell more. I love chicken mole, and hope to get some venison next
> week. Your idea starts excellently, goes downhill slightly in the
> middle and improves again towards the end (I detest parsnips).
> Actually, thinking about your avowed preference for savoury over sweet
> (elsewhere), I'm surprised at the parsnips. It's their excessive
> sweetness I don't like. I don't like sweet potatoes for the same
> reason, and carrots are not very well favoured here, either.

I agree about the problem of sweetness in veg, although I find parsnips
bearable: I think the parsnip flavour is sufficiently strong to mute the
sweetness. Cooked carrots are definitely too sweet, especially if
additional sugar is added. We like them provided they're raw or nearly
so -- I put them in stir-fry, and we often have strips of raw carrot as
a vegetable with any meal. Especially macaroni-and-cheese, which is
served smoking hot straight from the oven with raw carrot and raw celery
sticks to be dipped into the cheesiest bits and eaten while waiting for
the dish to cool :-)


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