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Joseph LIttleshoes
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EastneyEnder wrote:

> My lovely butchers sold me (wish I could say it was on pain of torture
> but
> it wasn't)... about 1.5 pounds of diced stewing venison today. Not
> something
> they often have on offer, especially not at £1.99 GPB /pound.

Given my distaste for venison, anything spicy would work. A 'chilli"?
Also heavily marinating the venison in various strong liquors can
mitigated its 'gamy' flavours.

Unless you like that sort of thing and then you want to enhance it, in
which case i suggest (after 'butchering' the meat to appropriate, bite
sized pieces) sautéing it in butter with chopped garlic and sliced
onions. When the meat is uniformly 'browned' sprinkle a bit of flour,
or other thickening agent over the venison, onions and garlic and butter
and cook the flour a couple of minutes more, a slight 'crust' will form
in the bottom of your pan, but do not worry you then pour some beer over
it and stew till the meat is done.

Immediately when you put the beer in you stir the meat and onions to let
the beer absorb any stuck on bits of browned matter on the bottom of the

If you can figure out how to do this with potatoes its even better.

And if you cant, have a go at asking me.

> Especially not when one of the butchers winks at you & calls you
> "sexpot" or
> "darlin"... all part of my daily shopping experience & I wouldn't
> change it
> for the world, even in these PC-benighted days. Specially as they
> don't do
> stuff in kilos thank god.
> I was going to fling it (the venison!!!) in a pot and make a casserole
> /
> daube/ whatever but thought it deserved better as it's not daily fare
> here
> in "Olde Portsmouthe".
> I'm sure you all have some ideas, but how can I winkle them out of
> you?
> *in her bestest Carry On voice* tee hee
> --
> Sue in Portsmouth,
> "Old" Hampshire,
> "Old" England, UK