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Default How should I keep noodles hot for a buffet?

"jillie" wrote in message
I am hosting a family gathering, this coming weekend, and will be
serving Beef Bourguignon.

I'm not sure how to keep the noodles hot on the buffet table.

Is it a heated table, or is the dish heated? If not kept warm enough,
cooling butter/oil on the noodles will also tend to gather the noodles. If
the table/dish/tray is not heated, your crock pot idea for serving them is a
good one.
(And a tongs or spaghetti fork rather than a spoon, depending on your
guests expertise?)

Consider using egg noodles, which in my experience stick less than others.
I don't know if it's because they hold oil on their surface better, or they
have less starch on the surface, or what. After draining, toss the noodles
in olive oil or butter and keep them warm.
I have tried both putting olive oil and butter in the boil water to
minimize sticking. The results were iffy.

Thinking about it now, I would guess that the starch on the noodle sticks
when warm, so if you cool the cooked noodles in running cold water without
draining, they wouldn't stick. Then drain them and toss them cooded with
some olive oil (or butter).
Except you end up with cool noodles, and you need to re-warm them some
(without water in the boiling kettle) for the buffet tray.

( BTW - I see beef bourgonion on the menu - does yours come out like a
soup and is served in bowls and eaten with a spoon, or like a thick stew
eaten with a fork?
I only ask because it was made by several different people for a
progressive dinner a few years back, and we got soup -to -stew from the very
same recipe. I have tried that recipe using round steak, and it was soup -
using boneless chuck, it was a thick wine gravy stew. Just curious.)

putting them in a crock pot on a warm setting and adding lots of butter
be a good way to go?

I wouldn't have them finish much more than 15 minutes before serving, and wh
ile I would use some butter or oil, I would avoid "a lot" of butter.

I don't want them to stick together in a big

Other than that, everything is under control and it'll be an easy way
to feed the family.

Beef Bourguignon
Noodles (hopefully, hot)
Fresh Asparagus
green salad with candied walnuts and dried cranberries
Italian bread
Key Lime pie
assorted cookies and candies.

Roseville, CA