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Default Christmas Cocktail Recipes

D wrote:
Hi does anyone know any good recipes for Christmas themed cocktails?
hot or cold? we're having a christmas drinks evening this friday and
wanted some classic christmas ingredients - cranberry, brandy,
cinnamon/nutmeg, warm rum etc.

does anyone know how to make a 'Yuletide Mojito' - had one in new york
last year but have never seen a recipe..

anything different/new would be great!


Mulled Mead.

6 months to a year before you want to drink the mulled mead find a
beekeeper and purchase a stone's weight plus 3 lbs of honey, also
purchase some bee's pollen. Mix this with water to make 5 imperial (6
U.S.) gallons of liquid. Add a good quality wine or sweet mead yeast.
Add one teaspoon of bee's pollen for every night that Odin Hung on
After a fortnight rack from the primary fermentation vessal inot a
carboy. After 6 weeks to two months rack three or four times until
clear. Fine with unflavored gletin before a final racking. Stablize
with camden tablets before bottling. Wait 6 months to 1 year before

Now to make a mulled mead - take around 1 gallon of mead, add cinnamon,
ginger, and cloves to taste. Heat to the temp. of Coffee or Tea (do
not boil), and drink.

Or you can make a methilgin by adding the ginger, cinnamon and cloves
during the fermentation stage in the carboy, and then just heat it in
the microwave when you want a mulled mead. (The flavors mix up a lot
better this way, and tend to mellow out and blend together a lot