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"Alan S" wrote in message

The only problem I've discovered is with take-away Asian
food vendors. It's quite common here for lunch specials from
Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Pakistani or Nepalese vendors
to have a set price for a take-away lunch dish. But if you
ask for it "without rice" they will often charge extra -
because rice is cheap bulk in the container. I don't really
mind that provided they don't up the price too much - but
some will refuse to serve it without rice and suddenly
pretend not to understand English (they are probably sixth

I don't usually get this type of food, but I have occasionally gotten it for
my husband during his low carb phases. The Teriyaki place here serves a
container of rice, a container of salad (a few pieces of iceberg with a
shred or two of carrot) and then the main dish. They will give me two
salads in place of the rice.

When I was living in NY, many of the Chinese places delivered. You could
choose from an assortment of meals, but most of the foods were also
available by the piece, by the pint or by the quart. When I ordered for the
whole family, I'd usually get one meal, and then pints or quarts of the
other things.

With sub-continent food, I've found a small piece of Naan
bread seems to have less effect on me than the equivalent
quantity of rice. YMMV

I'm not a great one for "substitutes". I eat cauli as cauli,
not as faux rice or faux spuds.

This might not work for everyone, but a good way of fixing lower carb
potatoes, is to cut them in small cubes and mix with large dices of red
onion. I use a mix of about 1/2 and 1/2, but when serving mine up, I take
more onion and potato. I mix it all with olive oil, salt, and pepper,
Italian seasoning and sweet paprika. I used to also add parmesan cheese
prior to learning of Angela's dairy allergy. I then bake at 425 for about
an hour, or until the potatoes are crisp, turning them at about the halfway
mark. Be sure to use a pan big enough so you can spread them in a single
layer so they'll get crisp.

Other options are making soup and including a bit of diced potato, or a
cottage/Shepard's pie type thing with a very thin layer of potatoes on top.

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