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Default Baking soda and baking powder. Some question

Pandora wrote:
I know that yeast derives from beer and it is generalli used for the bread
and pizza dough rising.
But what about baking soda and baking powder. Are they the same thing or are
they different? In this late case, which are the differences between them?
When do you use one and when the other?
Can I replace baKing soda with backing powder and viceversa?

Baking powder contains baking soda.

They are different and have different uses. Baking powder for neutral
Baking soda for sour or with acid. If you do not have a sour / acid
ingredient in the recipe baking soda will make the end product bitter,
and may not rise properly. The rising action is from the acid / base
reaction of mixing the ingredients.

I use baking soda for sour milk bread recipes, ie buttermilk biscuits,
buttermilk pancakes and some others.

You can substiute sour milk, sour cream, or yogurt in many quick bread
recipes for the regular sweet product, then use about one half the
amount of baking soda than the recipe calls for baking powder.

This may take some experimentation on your part.