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Default Baking soda and baking powder. Some question

Thank you for these informations! But I would have to know also when you use
baking soda and when you use bakeng powder.
Could you make some examples?
Thank you

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Pandora wrote:
I know that yeast derives from beer and it is generalli used for the
and pizza dough rising.
But what about baking soda and baking powder. Are they the same thing or
they different? In this late case, which are the differences between
When do you use one and when the other?
Can I replace baKing soda with backing powder and viceversa?

First of all, yeast does not derive from beer. Yeast is used to make
beer. Baking soda and baking powder are not the same. Baking soda
requires an acidic ingredient for it to bubble and fizz. This acidic
ingredient may be something obvious like buttermilk or it may something
less obvious like brown sugar or chocolate. Baking powder is basically
baking soda with a dry acid already mixed in. The mixture doesn't
react until it gets wet. Cornstarch is usually added to keep the
product from absorbing moisture from the air and limiting its fizzing
ability. Double acting baking soda contains two acids. One reacts as
soon as it gets wet. The other reacts after at higher temperature
after the item is placed in the oven.