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Default REC: Vermicelli Pesto and Shrimp

"Melba's Jammin'" wrote in message
In article , "NancyJaye"

1 package of vermicelli
2 envelopes Knorr's pesto sauce
1 lb med shrimp
butter and garlic and salt to taste

Perpare vermicelli as directed.
Prepare pesto as directed.
Saute shrimp in butter garlic and salt until pink.
Mix all together.
Serve with a mixed green salad and garlic bread.


What do you add to make the pesto sauce from the mix? This sounds like
a winner in August when I've beaucoup basil out front. Or maybe if I
took some of the frozen stuff from the freezer. . . .
-Barb, updated 2-19-04 -- Dufus picture posted!

Hi Barb.

I'm pretty sure it's just OO and water that is added to the Knorr's pesto