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Default Review: Boston Market Thanksgiving Take-Out

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I had a Boston Market take-out for Thanksgiving this year. First time
ever. I thought it might be good because their food is usually decent.
For about $50.00 we got the 12 person whole turkey dinner with two side
dishes and corn bread and gravy. Overall it was an excellent value.
Here are the details:

1. Turkey - very good quality, maybe the best turkey I have ever had.
Came cooked, refigerated and with it's own pan. Heated it for 90
minutes. Only problem was the turkey grease leaked through the pan
after the cooking bag was cut (thankfully this did not happen in the

2. Stuffing - all right. I have had better but also worse. Lots of
vegetables mixed in.

3. Mashed potatos - all right. I have had better and much worse. Kids
loved them.

4. Corn bread - excellent. This is really why I went to Boston Market.

5. Gravy - all right. I have had much better.

So if anyone's wondering wether or not to do it I will tell you it's
excellent value and everyone will enjoy it.

I'm glad to hear that it was good and that everyone was happy with it.

Some years ago, at Christmas, we did not fare so well. We got a similar
dinner except that we ordered ham instead of turkey. The ham was not at
all good. In fact, we really didn't eat it and took it back the following
day. It was extraordinarily fatty and had a lot of gristle. We ordered
this on the basis of having eaten at this Boston Market more than a few
times, and having ordered ham as the entree. It had always been good.

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