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Rodney Myrvaagnes
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Default REC: Spaghettini with salmon was A Modest Proposal

On Sat, 28 Feb 2004 14:17:57 -0600, Melba's Jammin'

the pastas and these 'rules': Each post should have a recipe and the
subject line should indicate the type of pasta used, and each post
should contain REC to indicate there's a recipe included. E.g., REC:
Spaghetti - Spaghetti Bravissimo. I'm suggesting separate posts for
each recipe so that the ****ing contests that are sure to ensue will be
appropriately placed. Maybe it will contain the drift a bit. I'll go
first. :-)

A few days ago I bought a 1/4 lb piece of Coho salmon downstairs. I
boiled 6 oz of speghattini (Setarro) in salty water. While it was
boiling I minced a clove of garlic finely and put it in a little bowl
covered with OO, maybe 2 TBSP.

I sliced the salmon into 5-6 mm slices. When the pasta was al dente I
poured it through a strainer into a bowl (to heat the bowl), then
dumped the bowl, put the garlic and oil in, dumped the pasta on top,
put the salmon on top of the pasta, and tossed all together.

The salmon gets cooked as much as it needs from the pasta. I used
little enough garlic, and finely enough minced, so it was ok as well.

My wife liked it, as did I. It probably would have worked fine with
the much cheaper farmed salmon, but I have been queasy about farmed
salmon lately.

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