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Bob Bart
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Default Cranberry Wine from Juice - Recipes?

Here's a recipe for some Cranberry wine that I am making now, won't know how
it turns out for a couple months


3 pounds cranberries, fresh
1 pound raisins
2.5 pounds granulated sugar
1 campden tablet
1/2 teaspoon nutrients (yeast energizer)
1/2 teaspoon dry pectic enzyme (3 drops liquid)
3/4 teaspoon acid blend
1 package wine yeast (Montrachet)
1 Gallon of water

Chop cranberries coarsely. The goal here is the break the skin on every
berry to help the juice leach into the water. Place them in mesh bag and in
the primary fermentor with raisins
Boil water & sugar let cool for (1) hour and pour over fruit.
Let cool and add crushed Camden tablet
Wait for (12) hours and add pectic enzyme (make sure it is less than 75
Check S.G. and adjust sugar, Should be 1.080-1.095
Add yeast starter and mix in well. Cover primary fermentor with cloth. Stir
daily for five -seven days. At 70deg.
When the S.G. reaches 1.030 strain fruit, squeezing out as much juice as
possible. Stir and mix up lees and put into secondary fermentor, and place
airlock on the bottle. (Do not splash the wine during this step)
Let stand at 60-65 deg until it stops bubbling and the S.G. is .998 4-6


"Adam Preble" wrote in message
Joel Sprague wrote:
My sister has asked me for wines made from cranberries, any sort I might
find. I'm looking to do a batch or two from Welch's 100% White-Grape
Cranberry, and I will also be using Jack's Cran-raspberry reccipe from
site. But I was looking for any other suggestions, and also wondering
anyone had a recipe for straight cranberry juice, either using frozen
concentrate(probably welch's again), or using 100% pure orgrnic juice
the bottle purchased at local natural foods store.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


I will post a recipe I drummed up to use up a gallon of Ocean Spray
cranberry juice I got at Big Lots. the result was lighter in color, like
a blush. It is very tart, which came from having too much acidity I
think. I have some suggestions I'll add after the recipe. I'm hoping
somebody can give me some suggestions on using real cranberries since I
got 6 pounds of them. I do like cranberry wine.

Ocean Spray Cranberry Wine Experiment
1 gallon Ocean Spray cranberry juice. Go mine in a jug that doubled as
the fermenter.
1.5 lbs granulated sugar
2 tsp acid blend
1 tsp pectic enzyme
1 tsp yeast nutrient
One packet red wine yeast. I used Red Star Pasteur Red.
1 tsp bentonite (?) I don't have the quantity written but I'm sure I
added it. I wanted faster results so I used that as a clarifying agent.

Take away two cups of cranberry juice, along with a tablespoon of sugar,
to create a starter for the yeast. With the starter going, warm the
cranberry juice in a pot in order to quicken transferring all that sugar.
Don't boil. Introduce all the sugar, blend, enzyme, nutrient, and
bentonite. Stir vigorously until dissolved and homogenous. When I used
the original container as a carboy, I had leftover liquid. You'll want to
take some juice out before adding yeast if you use such a small container.

I don't have the SG measurements since I started this before I began
recording that kind of thing. I started the process on 8/27, racked in
September, and bottled towards the end of October. During secondary
fermentation, I kepted it in my kegerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. I
noticed how a lot of red stuff had settled to the bottom of the containers
I was using.

My post-mortem advice after the fact would be to take away the acids. I
don't think the juice needs it. I was satisfied with everything else, but
I wonder if I can expect the same color from real cranberries.

The resulting flavor has the unique tartness of cranberries, although
there still is a touch of cranberry to the flavor. IMO it came out dry.