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Adam Preble
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Default Cranberry Wine from Juice - Recipes?

Joel Sprague wrote:
My sister has asked me for wines made from cranberries, any sort I might
find. I'm looking to do a batch or two from Welch's 100% White-Grape
Cranberry, and I will also be using Jack's Cran-raspberry reccipe from his
site. But I was looking for any other suggestions, and also wondering iuf
anyone had a recipe for straight cranberry juice, either using frozen
concentrate(probably welch's again), or using 100% pure orgrnic juice from
the bottle purchased at local natural foods store.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


I will post a recipe I drummed up to use up a gallon of Ocean Spray
cranberry juice I got at Big Lots. the result was lighter in color,
like a blush. It is very tart, which came from having too much acidity
I think. I have some suggestions I'll add after the recipe. I'm hoping
somebody can give me some suggestions on using real cranberries since I
got 6 pounds of them. I do like cranberry wine.

Ocean Spray Cranberry Wine Experiment
1 gallon Ocean Spray cranberry juice. Go mine in a jug that doubled as
the fermenter.
1.5 lbs granulated sugar
2 tsp acid blend
1 tsp pectic enzyme
1 tsp yeast nutrient
One packet red wine yeast. I used Red Star Pasteur Red.
1 tsp bentonite (?) I don't have the quantity written but I'm sure I
added it. I wanted faster results so I used that as a clarifying agent.

Take away two cups of cranberry juice, along with a tablespoon of sugar,
to create a starter for the yeast. With the starter going, warm the
cranberry juice in a pot in order to quicken transferring all that
sugar. Don't boil. Introduce all the sugar, blend, enzyme, nutrient,
and bentonite. Stir vigorously until dissolved and homogenous. When I
used the original container as a carboy, I had leftover liquid. You'll
want to take some juice out before adding yeast if you use such a small

I don't have the SG measurements since I started this before I began
recording that kind of thing. I started the process on 8/27, racked in
September, and bottled towards the end of October. During secondary
fermentation, I kepted it in my kegerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. I
noticed how a lot of red stuff had settled to the bottom of the
containers I was using.

My post-mortem advice after the fact would be to take away the acids. I
don't think the juice needs it. I was satisfied with everything else,
but I wonder if I can expect the same color from real cranberries.

The resulting flavor has the unique tartness of cranberries, although
there still is a touch of cranberry to the flavor. IMO it came out dry.